What are Essential Oils?

Though prominent around us, their essence and aromatic abilities have eluded us, for the most part.

Aromatic essential oils are the basic attributes, dubbed essence, extracted from plants.  Well reputed for their healing ability and therapeutic powers, essential oils have made their mark in history. Without a qualm, essential oils have been authenticated for their restorative properties, providing balance and restoration for the entire being.

The pleasant odor exhibited by essential oils is tantamount to the survival of the plants.  A case in point: the aromatic compound in essential oils repels bacteria and fungus while alluring pollinators.

After the essential oil is derived from the plant matter, the essence is found in its potent form and is highly aromatic.

Essential oils are well known for their use in aromatherapy. At present, there are over 150 varying essential oils, all possessing different capabilities, aroma, and benefits.

In addition to reducing inflammation, the oils are quite effective in relieving pain, congestion, and anxiety. The oils also contain powerful antibacterial properties and restores vitality.

What are essential oils



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