Capitalization: Growing Big with Letters – Capitalization Rules PDF

Capitalization: Growing Big with Letters – Capitalization Rules PDF

Capitalization Rules PDF

Capitalization: Growing Big with Letters is an eight-page printable detailing how children can use capital letters when writing. As many children struggle with basic capitalization, the printable provides an avenue through which parents can help their children learn how to effectively and correctly apply the capital.

This printable was made specifically for children 8 years and older. If your child is reading above their age level and is below 8, you may choose to use the contents of the PDF at your discretion.

Capitalization: Growing Big with Letters is strictly for personal use and should not be sold or distributed. However, you can use the printable on your website (if applicable), but please give credit and link back to the main source.

A message to parents and educators: It’s wise to look over the contents of the document before allowing your child (or student) to proceed. This is to ensure that you’re familiar with the information and can better help yourcapitalization rules child progress.

If your child struggles to identify a word or phrase used, it’s your responsibility as a parent to find substitutes that will bring across the information. For example: Even though the principles and rules of capitalization remain the same, some examples, especially words identifying geographic locations, might be difficult to pronounce. Use places or locations that your child is familiar with.

Capitalization: Growing Big with Letters is not an absolute guide. As with English Grammar, there are rules and exceptions. However, the creator of the document unequivocally believes that the content is relevant and useful to helping children and adults write better.

If after reading scrutinizing the capitalization rules PDF and it’s what you’ve been looking for, please share with friends and family. 

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