Best Essential Oils for Migraines

According to Medline, A migraine is a type of headache. It may occur with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to light and sound. In many people, a throbbing pain is felt only on one side of the head.

Migraines are caused by various reasons which include:Headache

  • Hormonal changes, especially during a woman’s cycle
  • Excessive use or withdrawal from stimulants like alcohol or caffeine
  • Lack of sleep or even exercise
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Some foods containing MSG, tyramine, or even chocolate

Many solutions are available to treat migraines (depending on the cause) but essential oils have proven effective in easing migraines and can be grouped in two – those that work on the body and those that just ease and calm the mind.

While most people resort to painkillers for relief, constant use may lead to reduced effect (potency) and in the long run, may cause liver damage. Using essential oils correctly make for fewer side effects while the environment is protected.

Best Essential Oils for Migraines


Lavender essential oils are beautifully scented oils extracted from a beautiful flower. It has mild sedative effects that help to induce relaxation. This relieves tension and stress as it can be very calming. As a bonus, it has anti-inflammatory properties.

DIRECTIONS: Apply to the back of the neck, temple, and wrists to relieve stress. It can also be used as aromatherapy. It helps reduce CNS depression and is very pleasing to use at nights.


Peppermint has menthol like properties so it exhibits cooling effects when it evaporates from your skin. It helps inhibit muscle contractions and plays a role in stimulating blood flow which helps to ease migraines. To improve circulation, use 3 drops of peppermint oil and coconut oil.

DIRECTIONS: This can be used in a similar manner as the lavender essential oil. Apply to neck, temples, and wrists.

Fun fact: Peppermint oil + ethanol helps reduce sensitivity during a headache.


I’ve personally used this one for years. Sincerely, for a long time, I thought this was the only “healing” oil since it was the only one I saw as a child. It’s a miracle oil and can be used so many different ways. It works best for migraines caused by sinus infections because it has anti-inflammatory properties. It is mostly used as a blend with other oils as it can be incorporated for other uses.


Eucalyptus oils can be used in two ways:

  • topically, on the chest, nose, and temples
  • a few drops in hot water to be inhaled

MAMA’S TIP: Place a bowl of hot water and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Then, place a blanket over your head and try to inhale the steam for a minute or two. It can get quite stuffy but hang in there. It’s aromatherapy and steam therapy in one.


Rosemary oil is another wonderful oil out there. With its woody fragrance, it has a myriad of uses.  Its anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant properties can help reduce stress and help with emotions.

DIRECTIONS: Add two drops of rosemary and peppermint oil to a teaspoon of coconut oil and apply to the back of neck, temples, and forehead. One drop of rosemary oil can also be taken with tea.

Did you know that modern medicine still incorporates the main component of essential oils into drugs? For example, rosemary oil contains carnosol and oil of wintergreen have methyl salicylate.


With a flattering name comes a pleasantly scented oil. It helps mostly with migraines from hormonal imbalances. It eases depression and can help tremendously with pain. It is mostly used via aromatherapy.

DIRECTIONS: Inhale or use aromatherapy methods.

While these may be the best essential oils for migraines, there are a few worthy mentions which can be used as a blend or just to help with symptoms. They are:

  • Bergamot     – Very intense lemon scent and can be used for anxiety.
  • Chamomile    – Reduces anxiety and insomnia
  • Rose         – Aids stress and deep relaxation
  • Helichrysum  – Relatively unknown but very effective
  • Ginger       – Anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea
  • Lemongrass   – For migraines that bring depression
  • Clary Sage   – For stress reduction and PMS

NOTE: When taking oils internally, make sure to not exceed 1-2 drops per usage.

DO NOT exceed 4 weeks of use. Give a week interval after every 4 weeks of use.

In your opinion, what are the best essential oils for migraines and what methods/routines do you use for migraines? I’d love to know in the comment section.

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